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What is Jumpstart Leadership Program?
What makes the content of JLP unique?
What are the greatest takeaways from JLP?
Why is JLP best suited for Entrepreneurs?

Our Services

Business Coaching and Mentoring

One of the marquee services offered by AILA focusses on business coaching and mentoring for Business Owners, CEO and Sr. Executives/Professionals… [ Read More ]

Business Transformation Consulting

The team of AILA works extensively with its clients to deliver High Impact and High ROI consulting interventions aimed at accelerating their progress… [ Read More ]

Globalization Advisory

In the fast changing business environment of today, entrepreneurs are faced with the challenge of readying to complete in a global market place… [ Read More ]

Corporate Training and Keynote Speaking Services

The wide range of experience and expertise of AILA consultants -which includes bestselling authors and leadership thought leaders, makes them highly sought… [ Read More ]

Board Participation in innovative businesses

The team of AILA has extensive experience in building and scaling innovative business. Our partners are always keen to work with and mentor/advice entrepreneurs… [ Read More ]

Leadership Programs

What is JumpstartTM Leadership Program (JLP)

JLP is a must attend boot camp for both seasoned and aspiring entrepreneurs looking to produce “magical results & growth” in their business. In this 10 day journey you will experience an immersion in a blend of “creative & high powered entrepreneurship”… [ Read More ]

What is Oversight Leadership Program (OLP)

The role of a owner/promoter or heir of a successful business is often more complex than most people appreciate. Most often owners of a mature business are required to provide “oversight” to their business – without having to get involved into the… [ Read More ]

What is Wisdom MBA ? How is it different from Traditional MBA and e-MBA curriculums ?

The Wisdom MBA is a unique seminar/workshop based curriculum that has been designed based on the hands-on and real life client work undertaken by our founding team with executives, corporations, leaders and governmentss…[ Read More ]